About APMC Affiliation

Affiliation is APMC's formal structure for establishing and describing ongoing relationships with external bodies.

Connecting with industry-specific contributors is fundamental to APMC's commitments in support of occupational mole catchers. APMC maintains those non-member relationships either formally and via Affiliation, or informally via consultative or client based connections.

APMC regards Affiliated bodies more as being working partners than clients. Affiliate connection therefore accommodates and encourages constructive relationships, frank and easy communication, and in general affords Affiliated interests with enhanced opportunity to engage in progressing APMC policy and direction.

Affiliate connection with APMC is entirely separate to APMC's subscribed membership structures and which are specific to individual mole catchers, but is designed to offer a similar level of connection.

APMC maintains working connections with a range of allied interests:

  • Suppliers of specialist equipment to mole catchers.
  • Service providers offering education, training, and other knowledge or skills based facilities.
  • Organisations representative of farming interests; land management; wildlife control and conservation; etc.

APMC also accommodates Consultative relationships with external bodies which APMC might consult with, or be consulted by.

Consultative relationships are not normally considered by APMC to be Affiliations, although they can be in some circumstances.