About APMC

The Association of Professional Mole Catchers was formed to contribute toward encouraging and reinforcing good working practice and understanding.

The Association operates as a membership-based body that seeks to achieve appropriate outcomes within the profession of mole catching. As a membership body the Association makes provision for Full and Associate Membership for individual mole catchers engaged commercially or occupationally in mole control via the use of mole "kill" traps.

We also work with other organisations and bodies that are involved in or are affected by mole control; with some of those entities being Affiliated with APMC.

APMC's Aims

The Association's foremost aim is to encourage excellence in the profession and practical art of mole catching through engaging constructively with mole catchers and interests and industries allied to APMC or that otherwise are connected or involved with mole catching.

APMC's Philosophy

The Association of Professional Mole Catchers believes strongly in the value of transferring the wealth of traditional skills from one generation to the next, and at the same time applying those skills in a way that is appropriate, useful and acceptable to modern day perceptions and practices. Similarly, the Association strives to promote best practice and to sustain individuality and the breadth of techniques applied by mole catchers.

The Association's underlying philosophy is that often it is more effective to invest carefully in encouragement, support and education than it is to impose punitive or potentially mind-numbing rules and regulations.

There needs however to exist clear descriptions around the formal relationships APMC maintains with its subscribed members and Affiliates and which broadly are defined by APMC's policy documents. APMC expects all parties involved to honour and adhere to any stipulations and contractual agreements relevant to those connections and descriptions.