Killgerm Ltd

Killgerm Ltd is an APMC Affiliated supplier of mole traps.

APMC AffiliateKillgerm -suppliers of mole traps
Killgerm is a prominant supplier of products and services to the pest control industry.

Barrel Mole Trap

A useful double-entry mole trap ideal for shallow or deep runs, or where discretion is needed.
APMC Approved Mole TrapBtitish Made Mole Trap
Killgerm - Barrel mole trap

Talpex Mole Trap

A robust double entry mole trap, similar to the scissor and pincer traps.
APMC Approved Mole Trap
  Killgerm - Talpex mole trap

Scissor Mole Trap

A scissors-action mole trap, the top section of which stands above the soil allowing ease of checking.
APMC Approved Mole Trap
  Killgerm - Scissor mole trap
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