APMC Membership

The Association of Professional Mole Catchers offers two levels of membership for mole catchers.

Select A Membership Option

Available to individual mole catchers who fulfil APMC's definition of 'Professional Mole Catcher' and meet all other criteria for Full Membership.

Full Membership of APMC is restricted to specialist commercial mole catchers who employ trapping methods only, rather than alongside other methods of mole control.
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Available to individual mole catchers and others involved in trapping moles commercially and who might be unable to fulfil APMC's criteria for Full Membership.

Associate Membership is designed to accommodate operators engaged commercially in general pest or wildlife control and who offer mole trapping adjunct to those services.
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Although APMC's main efforts are directed toward supporting and advancing mole catching as a professional discipline, the Association recognises the importance of interaction and listening. In the greater part APMC formalises and manages those interactions via its membership structures.

Maintaining strong, well formed connections helps APMC to more easily focus its activities across a breadth of interests within and around mole catching.