Magnum Trap Co Ltd

The Magnum Trap Co is an APMC Affiliated supplier of mole traps.

APMC AffiliateMagnum Trap Co - suppliers of mole traps
Based in Hampshire, the Magnum Trap Co offers a range of quality traps to the pest control industry. If you have any queries regarding the products we sell, or their correct use, please contact us. We have many years experience in the practical use of what we sell but still do not know all the answers, who does? But we will always try to help or find someone who can.


Fenn Scissor Mole Trap

The Fenn Mole Trap is a well-proven trap and has been in use for years and is the choice of many professional mole catchers.
APMC Approved Mole TrapBtitish Made Mole Trap
Magnum Trap Co - Fenn Scissor mole trap

'Talpa' Mole Trap

The spring power of this very effective trap combined with finger-friendly setting extensions make it easier and less traumatic to set than many mole traps of similar design.
APMC Approved Mole Trap
Magnum Trap Co - 'Talpa' mole trap
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