About CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process whereby occupational mole catchers take responsibility for their own learning and development and apply it to the benefit of their mole catching practice.

The term CPD in the context of mole catching is used by APMC to describe activities undertaken by mole catchers investing in advancing both their personal and professional abilities.

Participation in CPD is also important in maintaining and progressing professional awareness and competence, enhancing commercial viability, and keeping abreast of new technology and practice.


APMC feels that a clear distinction must be made between normal occupational practise undertaken in the field and work that is specifically aimed at the enhancement of personal knowledge and skills.

Many mole catchers, without consciously realising it, are already actively involved in CPD. The Association believes that in the context of mole catching practice CPD should:

  • be relevant, achievable and affordable;
  • be easy to understand and flexible, to meet with the needs of individual mole catchers; and
  • be encouraging, to inspire mole catchers to cover a range of subjects and activities.

The diversity of mole catching techniques and working conditions require that CPD provisions for mole catchers are most usefully delivered as being supportive and guidance based and include distance learning and flexible learning, and particularly learning opportunities that accommodate and assist mole catchers in advancing their speciality, their priorities, and their personal learning styles and preferences.